Discount coin is a local stores oriented crypto-currency. Using proof-of-stake consensus, it rewards its owners by giving staking wallets generous amount of coins every day.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple, give the world an opportunity to use crypto-currency everyday to buy items at discounted prices in every stores accepting it. The network will reward shop owners making an effort to propose those prices by giving them more coins as they accept more transactions.

Our Plan

Using the emerging technology of Proof-of-stake Masternodes, we plan to reward staking people with coins each time a block is mined. You can find all information about our technology in the "staking" section.
As a customer, you will be able to buy your items, pay for the restaurant, or go to the cinema with a discounted price.
As a shop owner, you will sell with a discount but you will earn more coins by staking them is your wallet, thus making a profit as if you sold for more than initial price.

Our Vision

Our vision is long term based.
We are planning a wide customer usage during first year to build the Discount network and strengthen POS system with a Public Sale.
Masternode will be rewarding early adopters by great amount during the first year. Then we will promote our technology to local shop owners, still encouraging them to propose discounted prices and earn rewards themselves.
Discount Coin network is designed to give great rewards during at least 20 years !


Want to know more about Discount Coin specifications ? Here are cold hard numers about every aspect of it

Basic Specifications

Coin Name : Discount Coin

Ticker : DSC

Coin Type : pure PoS

Algorithm : Scrypt

Detailed Specifications

Max block size : 3 Mb

Block Time : 60 seconds approx

Blocks/Day : 1440

Minimum Stake Age : 2 hours

Coin maturity : 50 blocks

Max Supply : 50,000,000 DSC

Difficulty retarget : every block

Ports : Network 9444 - RPC 9445

Value Tx : low fees

Transaction : Super fast transactions

Eco-firendly : no mining, pure Proof-of-Stake

Stealth addresses : Darksend Private Mixing

Private Encrypted : Desktop Blockchain Messaging

Low Premine : 4% total : 3% for Public sale - 1% for promoting


Masternode collateral : 5000 DSC

Block Reward : 75% Masternodes, 25% Staking

Block Reward : Growing first year and staying two-digit numbers for 10 years

Lucky Blocks : 5000 DSC reward on 18 milestones blocks, 16 during first year

Marketcap after Public sale : around $98,000,000

Monthly gain after Public sale : ~5600$ first month, ~7900$ after 3 month, ~9k$ after 10 month (may vary on market fluctuation)

Proof-of-Stake Rewards

Proof-of-Stake based blockchain rewards coin holders having a masternode of simply staking coins in their wallet.

Once Public sale is over, we will list DiscountCoin in main marketplaces. Unlike in Proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin, Discount coin cannot be mined in ASICs farms, only coins holders can create more coins. It has a significant influence on exchange price, avoiding miners to plummet coin price. Coins are sold by people invested in DiscountCoin blockchain at fair prices.

Here is a table describing rewards structure, growing fast during the first year to boost Discount Coin mass adoption, staying lucrative for many years and slowly declining for next decades.

Monthly gain is calculated for 1 Masternode (5000 DSC), based on Public sale average price.

Until block # Duration Reward / Block Monthly gain
10 080 7 days 5 DSC $1411
14 400 10 Days 8 DSC $2258
18 720 13 days 10 DSC $2822
23 040 16 days 12 DSC $3387
27 360 19 days 14 DSC $3951
31 680 22 days 16 DSC $4516
36 000 25 days 18 DSC $5080
43 200 30 days 20 DSC $5645
64 800 45 days 22 DSC $6210
Until block # Duration Reward / Block Monthly gain
86 400 60 days 24 DSC $6774
129 600 90 days 26 DSC $7338
172 800 3 month 28 DSC $7903
302 400 7 month 30 DSC $8467
432 000 10 month 32 DSC $9032
777 600 1 year and 6 month 30 DSC $8467
2 160 000 4 years 10 DSC $2822
4 320 000 8 years 3 month 3 DSC $847
Max supply ... 1 DSC $282

Lucky Blocks

Because getting a discount price is also funny and sometime due to cheer luck, we introduced "lucky block" technology in DSC blockchain.

18 milestones blocks are rewarding 5000 DSC coins when mined. Most of them will occur during first year to encourage early adoption. Don't hesitate to join in !

block # Lucky reward
8 000 5 000 DSC
12 000 5000 DSC
16 000 5 000 DSC
20 000 5 000 DSC
25 000 5 000 DSC
30 000 5 000 DSC
35 000 5 000 DSC
40 000 5 000 DSC
50 000 5 000 DSC
block # Lucky reward
60 000 5 000 DSC
75 000 5 000 DSC
90 000 5 000 DSC
100 000 5 000 DSC
150 000 5 000 DSC
200 000 5 000 DSC
500 000 5 000 DSC
750 000 5 000 DSC
1 000 000 5 000 DSC


Discount Proof-of-Stake

Stake your Discount Coins, it's making more Coins !

Proof-of-Stake just like Proof-of-Work is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions and prevent fraud. However, it does not require intensive calculations to be performed. The only reqirement is to have some DSC Discount Coins in your balance and keep your Discount Wallet connected to the network. Periodically, your balance will be increasing as new coins are awarded to you for your support of the Discount Network. Interest rate depends on a variety of factors, however, with optimal participation in support of the Discount Network one can expect a consequent return on their investment.

Discount Masternodes


Powering Blockchain Services

Discount Masternodes are computers that are constantly connected to the Discount Network and perform certain tasks allowing DSC Discount to achieve faster and more private transactions. To run the Discount Masternode one is required to have 5000 DSC in their balance, as collateral, and fulfil other requirements imposed by the protocol. For their dedicated service Discount Masternodes are rewarded with 75% of network rewards​. Discount Masternodes form a backbone that is a part of a technological mix which powers services and apps of a wider DSC Discount ecosystem.


Pure PoS, no Intensive mining

Unlike many other coins, Discount Coins are not mined through costly proof-of-work mining rigs. It does not consumate large amount of electricity and is eco-friendly.

Learn more


All Discount Coin wallets are available here. Just choose your operating system and clic on its icon to download the right wallet.

Don't hesitate to use "Addnode" in your configuration file :
Your conf file is located in "C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\DiscountCoin" or "/home/your_name/.DiscountCoin"


If needed, you can verify the binary you are downloading is not corrupted via SHA256SUM hash :

Windows wallet 64bits: f9b7b64c6535ef0cb3eb0de95a9d28d28bc6195711ed6f8b3a5e1fb9327ddc70
Windows wallet 32bits: f0d3ca61eadc308f8873da2c1dd892b932defe65ff34bf7f9f4464aa027cf022
Linux wallet (graphical) : 4c0e22eae3b614648f06d34a3b9f94dfbcc2880ae558606fa4c6e6a5b9835078
Linux wallet (daemon) : 5eaa35c4a0786fbb3da0805684dcb4986976a9f90dd1c9a6050f0429a33d0c91
MacOSX wallet : e79a84fd78bd60fb63942fd6640798351a4245d7f57ef2dec07822bd12ffd1a7

Need help ?


Every aspects of Discount Coin philosophy.

Read our Whitepaper

Translations :

* We do not guarantee the accuracy of translations which are made by DiscountCoin community members

Need help ?


Are you in trouble setting-up your Masternode ? Get our masternode installation guide.

This guide will help you through full maternode configuration in many different combination :
Single and Multiple masternodes, Windows hot wallet, Linux VPS etc...

Masternode installation guide (Full Windows)

Translations :

* We do not guarantee the accuracy of translations which are made by DiscountCoin community members

Masternode installation guide (Windows contolling Linux)

Translations :

* We do not guarantee the accuracy of translations which are made by DiscountCoin community members


Don't hesitate to join Discount Coin community, annoucements are made through Twitter or Bitcointalk. Source code is available on Github.
Any Discount Coin on other social media plateform is a fraud, beware of scammers.


Here are the exchanges where you can find DiscountCoin.


Still have any questions ? Do you need to understand Discount Coin mechanics ?

You need 5000 coins to start a masternode. You should also purchase 1 extra coin you will spend some low fee to set up your masternode.

In staking, the wallet verifies the transactions based on its coin weightage. The more coins are staking in the wallet, the more rewards the wallet gets. Staking rewards are 25% of the block reward. You can learn more by reading our Staking section.

Masternode is a wallet that is to be kept online 24/7 on VPS or home PC. This wallet will be verifying the transactions of Discount Coin. In return for the verifications, the masternode earns 75% of the block rewards.

Masternodes are generating coins everyday and represents a passive income for your investment.

It is sometimes hard to find good nodes providing decent connexion to the network.
You can add official DiscountCoin nodes in config file to help synchronization.

Open your DiscountCoin.conf and add the following lines, then restart your wallet.


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